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9.21. Type List

The 4-Characters type of small alphabets and symbols are reserved for SophiaFramework UNIVERSE.

The prefix of the abstract class type is '.', and that of the widget class type is '+'.

The other prefixes of type are 'r' for the root-related class, 'n' for container-related class, 'w' for window-related class, 'd' for dialog-related class, 'm' for menu-related class, 'c' for control-related class, 'f' for frame-related class.

Table 9.31.  type list

Class name Type
SFYResponder '.rsp'
SFYContainer '.ntn'
SFYMenu '.mnu'
SFYControl '.cnt'
SFYLabelControl '.lbl'
SFYBoxControl '.box'
SFYButtonControl '.btn'
SFYCheckboxControl '.chk'
SFYRadiobuttonControl '.rdo'
SFYScrollBarControl '.scr'
SFYTabControl '.tab'
SFYFrame '.frm'
SFYPlainFrame '.pln'
SFYFlatFrame '.flt'
SFYBevelFrame '.bvl'
SFYWidget '.wgt'
SFYSingleTextWidget '+stx'
SFYSingleEditWidget '+sed'
SFYMultipleTextWidget '+mtx'
SFYMultipleEditWidget '+med'
SFYImageWidget '+img'
SFYWebBrowserWidget '+wbr'
SFZTableView '+tbv'
SFZRoot 'root'
SFZContainer 'ntnr'
SFZWindow 'wind'
SFZDialog 'dlog'
SFZMessageDialog 'dmsg'
SFZQuestionDialog 'dqst'
SFZGridMenu 'mgmn'
SFZTextMenu 'mtmn'
SFZFlexListMenu 'mfmn'
SFZSingleTextLabelControl 'cstl'
SFZSingleEditLabelControl 'csel'
SFZMultipleTextLabelControl 'cmtl'
SFZMultipleEditLabelControl 'cmel'
SFZImageLabelControl 'ciml'
SFZSingleTextBoxControl 'cstb'
SFZSingleEditBoxControl 'cseb'
SFZMultipleTextBoxControl 'cmtb'
SFZMultipleEditBoxControl 'cmeb'
SFZImageBoxControl 'cimb'
SFZTextButtonControl 'ctbn'
SFZImageButtonControl 'cibn'
SFZCheckboxControl 'cchk'
SFZRadiobuttonControl 'crdo'
SFZComboBoxControl 'ccmb'
SFZListBoxControl 'clst'
SFZFlexListBoxControl 'cflb'
SFZTabControl 'ctab'
SFZTabPage 'ntab'
SFZScrollBarControl 'cscr'
SFZContainerScrollBarControl 'ccsc'
SFZSoftKeyControl 'cske'
SFZPlainFrame 'fpln'
SFZFlatFrame 'fflt'
SFZBevelFrame 'fbvl'
SFZTitlePlainFrame 'ftpn'
SFZTitleFlatFrame 'ftft'
SFZTitleBevelFrame 'ftbv'