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SophiaFramework UNIVERSE : BREW C++ Library & GUI Framework & XML Middleware

SophiaFramework UNIVERSE: GCC [ YAGARTO / GNUARM ] has been supported.

[News] 2011/07/15, SophiaFramework 5.3.0 has been released.

Drawing process by the renderer (SFYRenderer) has become more efficient.

The device screen bitmap has been able to be released from memory by terminating the renderer when an applet suspends.

The timeout function has been added to the SFXHTTPConnection class.

The return error value of SFXMailMessage::Parse() function has been modified.

For more details, see SophiaFramework UNIVERSE Release Note.

What's SophiaFramework UNIVERSE ?: - C++ Class Library for BREW -

  1. GCC [ YAGARTO / GNUARM ] and ARM Thumb mode have been supported.
  2. BREW applications can be comfortably developed with the C++ programming language.

  3. Sophisticated GUI framework, utility classes, and BREW C++ wrappers are reusable and versatile, and can evolve into whatever is required in a truly innovative way!
  4. Complex formula can be simply written as is. Clean and elegant coding will improve your productivity dramatically.
  5. C++ Classes for SOAP / XML, stream, etc. are also available.
  6. Useful tools such as Bleuet de BREW, BREW SDK Switcher and svHacker are provided to SophiaFramework UNIVERSE users free of charge.

SophiaFramework UNIVERSE Open Source Applications

pclock Recycle psec


Astronomical Clock with GPS


Application Recycling


Scientific Calculator

C++ with BREW A Variety of Libraries Easy GUI Programming
For the first time in the world, SophiaFramework UNIVERSE enables C++ to be used on BREW. A variety of useful class libraries for any kind of BREW app are available. No more complex programming for event-handling and window-redrawing is necessary.




SophiaFramework UNIVERSE Specifications

About SophiaFramework UNIVERSE

SophiaFramework UNIVERSE is BREW C++ Library & GUI Framework & SOAP / XML Middleware, which helps you develop reliable BREW applications with stunning look and feel. Cost and time-to-market can be saved to one third of those needed to develop an application from scratch.

The architecture of SophiaFramework UNIVERSE consists of three layers: GUI, Utility and C++ Wrapper.

The Utility layer includes SOAP / XML, Networks such as POP/SMTP and HTTP/HTTPS, File, Stream, Collection, String, Buffer, Shape, Color and Mathematics.

General Information

Detailed Information

SophiaFramework UNIVERSE Open Source Applications

System Requirements

BREW BREW SDK 4.0.4 / 3.1.5 SP02 / 2.1.3 / 2.0.1
Windows Windows XP Professional
Windows 2000 Professional(SP4)
Compiler Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0(SP6)
Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
RealView Compilation Tools for BREW 3.0(Build 970)
RealView Compilation Tools for BREW 1.2(Build 848)
GNUARM 4.1.1
YAGARTO 4.4.2 for Windows (20091018)

Supported Carriers

Japan KDDI
Other 60+ device manufacturers and 60+ carriers in 25+ countries support BREW. ( as of March 2009 )

SophiaFramework UNIVERSE Open Source Applications

 Amazon Web Service Application for BREW

The world's first XML parser for BREW supporting not only DTD but also XMLSchema

 GPS-Linked Astronomical Clock pclock

BREW application calculating accurate time for sun rise and set, moon rise and set using location information from GPS

 Scientific Calculator on BREW psec

BREW application calculating high-level numerical formulas with sophisticated user interface

 Character-Recognition Application for BREW Recog

BREW application recognizing characters photographed by BREW-enabled handset using the method of Complex PARCOR Coefficient

 BREW Tab Browser

BREW application that lets a user switch its tabs to view different web sites simultaneously



Today, a handset is becoming more and more equipped with electronic money, television, music player etc. And new trends "Web2.0" is also coming up in the mobile internet...


The purpose of SophiaFramework UNIVERSE is to enable instant development of smaller, faster and more user-friendly BREW applications by providing GUI framework and object-oriented environment in C++ for BREW...


The architecture of SophiaFramework UNIVERSE consists of three layers ...


You can instantly develop sophisticated BREW applications that could have never been developed if only with BREW APIs. And you can also modify your applications very easily and quickly...


We offer two basic types of licenses: Development and Execution.

Development License

With the Development License you are authorized to develop as many applications as you want.

Purchasing one Development License enables an unlimited number of users to be set up in a company.

Execution License

With the Execution License you are authorized to distribute an application developed with SophiaFramework UNIVERSE.

An Execution License is valid for only one kind of application (or class ID).

Free BREW Tools for Users

Users of SophiaFramework UNIVERSE will get the following BREW Tools for free.

 Bleuet de BREW

 BREW SDK Switcher



Case Studies

SophiaFramework UNIVERSE is used by major leading companies such as system integrators and content providers, in many of the applications that are best sellers in Japan.