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4.1. SFC Applet

A BREW applet with an application class inheriting directly from SFCApplication is called "SFC applet" hereafter.

The program structure of an SFC applet is almost the same with that of a standard BREW applet in C language.

[Tip] Tip

In the develoment of the SFC applet, all C++ class libraries of SophiaFramework UNIVERSE auch as C++ wrappers, utilities, etc. are available. As in the description of Root, the GUI framework of SophiaFramework UNIVERSE can be utilized too.

In addition, though SFYApplication inherits directly from SFCApplication, the initializations of the distributer and the renderer or settings of the root, which is necessary to use the SFY responder system, are implemented in SFYApplication by default. For more details, see the description of Root.