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4.5. Terminating an Applet

To terminate an applet, call the SFCApplication::Terminate function.

When the SFCApplication::Terminate function is called, the BREW API ISHELL_CloseApplet function will be internally called. At this time, the applet will receive the SFEVT_APP_STOP event, the instance of the application class will be released after the destructor of the application class is executed, and then the applet will terminate.

In the SFCApplication::~SFCApplication destructor, the applet is set to the state that it will not handle the BREW event hereafter.

If the user presses the power key(AVK_POWER) or the clear key(AVK_CLR) with sending false to AEE, the applet will terminate same as the SFCApplication::Terminate function is called.

[Note] Note

The SFEVT_KEY event of the clear key(AVK_CLR) can be handled by the applet, however, that of the AVK_POWER key cannot be handled.