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20.8. SFXDevice Class: for getting device information

SFXDevice is the class for obtaining information on the device or BREW environment.

Example 20.33. How to use the SFXDevice class

SFXDevice device;

UInt16 n1 = device.GetScreenWidth();            // get screen width in pixels
UInt16 n2 = device.GetScreenHeight();           // get screen height in pixels
SFXSize size1 = device.GetScreenSize();         // get screen width and height in pixels
UInt16 n3 = device.GetAlternateScreenWidth();   // get width of second screen in pixels
UInt16 n4 = device.GetAlternateScreenHeight();  // get height of second screen in pixels
SFXSize size2 = device.GetAlternateScreenSize();// get width and height of second screen in pixels
UInt16 n5 = device.GetScrollBarWidth();         // get standard scroll bar width in pixels
UInt16 n6 = device.GetEncoding();               // get character set encode method
UInt16 n7 = device.GetMenuTextScrollingTime();  // get wMenuTextScroll value of AEEDeviceInfo structure
UInt16 n8 = device.GetColorDepth();             // get screen color depth
UInt16 n9 = device.GetMenuImageDelay();         // get wMenuImageDelay value of AEEDeviceInfo structure
UInt16 n10 = device.GetRAMSize();               // get installed RAM capacity
Bool b1 = device.HasAlternateDisplay();         // check whether or not device has an alternative display (pager)
Bool b2 = device.HasFlip();                     // check whether or not mobile phone has flip type
Bool b3 = device.HasVibrator();                 // check whether or not vibrator is installed
Bool b4 = device.HasExternalSpeaker();          // check whether or not external speaker is installed
Bool b5 = device.SupportsVoiceRecognition();    // check whether or not voice recognition is supported
Bool b6 = device.SupportsPositionLocation();    // check whether or not position location is supported
Bool b7 = device.SupportsMIDI();                // check whether or not MIDI file format is supported
Bool b8 = device.SupportsCMX();                 // check whether or not CMX audio is supported 
Bool b9 = device.SupportsPen();                 // check whether or not pen device is supported
UInt16 n11 = device.GetPromptProperties();      // get default prompt properties
UInt16 n12 = device.GetCloseAppKey();           // get key that closes current application
UInt16 n13 = device.GetCloseAllAppsKey();       // get key that closes all applications
UInt16 n14 = device.GetLanguage();              // get ISO defined language
UInt16 n15 = device.GetNetLingerTime();         // get PPP standby time in milliseconds
UInt16 n16 = device.GetSleepDeferTime();        // get time in milliseconds until device enters into sleep mode 
UInt16 n17 = device.GetMaximumPathLength();     // get maximum file name length (including path name) supported by device
UInt16 n18 = device.GetPlatformID();            // get ID that uniquely identifies device platform