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Chapter 20. Other Utilities

20.1. BREW Helper Function
20.2. Mathematical Operations
20.2.1. Random Number Class
20.2.2. Trigonometric Class
20.2.3. Floating Point Arithmetic Operations
20.3. Callback Class
20.3.1. SFXCallback Class: for dealing with a callback
20.3.2. SFXTimer Class: for dealing with a timer
20.3.3. SFXTask Class: for dealing with a task
20.4. SFXDate Class and SFXDateDuration Class: for managing date and time duration
20.5. SFXConfig Class: for managing the entries of (tag, value)
20.6. SFXProperty Class: for managing the key / value pair elements
20.7. Event Class
20.7.1. SFXEvent Class
20.7.2. SFXEventRange Class
20.8. SFXDevice Class: for getting device information
20.9. SFXEndian: for converting endian