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20.1. BREW Helper Function

SFXHelper is the C++ wrapper class for the BREW helper functions.

[Caution] Substitution of the BREW helper function

In SophiaFramework UNIVERSE, functions of the SFXHelper class are used instead of the BREW helper functions.

Functions of the SophiaFramework UNIVERSE classes can be used too. For instance, the GetLength function of the SFXAnsiString class can be used instead of the STRLEN function.

Example 20.1. How to use the BREW helper functions

SFXHelper::dbgprintf("Hello World!"); // same as DBGPRINTF(): output debugging information

UInt32 time = SFXHelper::gettimems(); // sama as GETTIMEMS(): get present time in milliseconds
[Note] BREW helper function

For more details on the BREW helper function, see BREW API Helpers.