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18.7. SFXSource Class

The SFXSource class is used to read data through the BREW API ISource interface.

[Note] Limitation

Data can be read from the SFXSource storage, but it cannot be written into this storage. The function to move the read pointer is not supported.

How to use the SFXSource class

  1. Create the SFBSource instance to read data through the BREW API ISource interface.
  2. Set it to the SFXSource instance, i.e., the SFXSource storage, with the SFXSource::Open function.
  3. Get the input stream with the SFXSource::GetStreamReader function.
  4. Read data from the SFXSource storage using the input stream.
  5. * If the input stream is not used, data can be read with the SFXSource::Read function.
  6. Close the SFXSource storage with the SFXSource::Close function.

Example 18.9. Initiate

// BREW ISource
SFBSourceSmp brewSource;

SFXSource source;



// read from reader

Example 18.10. Terminate


Reference: Sample Code