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Company : Sophia Cradle Incorporated


Sophia Cradle constantly observes general trends and daily events, focusing on a variety of aspects, and planning with long-term aspirations. Through these observations, we form new principles and logic, staying with the simple and universal. Then we infuse our products with those new found theories. We envision a new and beautifully innovative mode of life, and by fulfilling that ideal, we hope to contribute to society as a whole.

In creating unique and innovative works, we value our customers, partners, employees, shareholders and all other individuals that take part in this company. By treating people with respect, and providing the catalyst for synergy among these unique individuals with unlimited potential, we believe products capable of changing the world will come forth.

Sophia Cradle's staff consists of a group of talented individuals. With unbounded creativity and unlimited possibilities, we aim to pioneer new frontiers and bring about a glorious new age of hopes and dreams.

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