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Introduction to BREW - 3 minutes introduction -
Simple introduction to BREW for beginners.
What's BREW
Brief history, background, features, problems and solutions.

BREW-ing in C++

Development Procedure with BREW using C++
Step by step procedures and notes for developing BREW application in C++.
Prcatical Development with BREW using C++
Tips and techniques for developing BREW application in C++.
Heap and String Class
Programming heap and string class for BREW, using C++. (Source code available!)


Optimize ARM RealView Compilation Tool for BREW
Optimize BREW application from the aspect of size and speed, using RVCTB.
Floating Point Operation and Mathematical Function in BREW
Techniques to use floating point operation and math functions in BREW.
Developing BREW Application with VC++ Toolkit 2003
Developing BREW application by using free tools !

BREW & Mobile Java

BREW and Mobile Java
Difference between BREW and mobile Java.
Porting Mobile Java Application to BREW
Actual process for porting mobile Java application to BREW. (Source code available !)

Mobile Java

Development Method for Java Application
Actual process for develping application for mobile Java. (Source code available !)

 Development Method for Java Application

 Actual Development Method for Java Application

 Difference Between MIDP and DoJa