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Chapter 3. Development with the SFY GUI Framework

3.1. SFY Applet
3.1.1. Starting up an Applet
3.1.2. Defining the Application
3.1.3. Implementing the Constructor
3.1.4. Implementing the Destructor
3.1.5. Implementing the Event Handler
3.1.6. Defining and Accessing the Global Variable
3.1.7. Error Handling
3.1.8. Terminating an Applet
3.2. Window
3.2.1. Defining and Implementing the Window
3.2.2. Making the Window
3.2.3. Terminating the Window
3.2.4. Executing on BREW Simulator
3.3. Control(Basic)
3.3.1. Button Control
3.3.2. Check Box Control
3.3.3. Radio Button Control
3.3.4. Combo Box Control
3.3.5. Text Label Control and Edit Box Control
3.3.6. List Box Control
3.4. Menu
3.4.1. Text Menu
3.5. Dialog
3.5.1. Message Dialog
3.6. Container
3.6.1. General Purpose Container and Scroll Bar Control
3.6.2. Custom Container
3.7. Control(Applied)
3.7.1. Flex List Box Control
3.7.2. Tab Control and Tab Page
3.7.3. SoftKey Control
3.8. Frame
3.8.1. Frame with a Title(Plain Frame and Bevel Frame)
3.9. User-Defined Event
3.9.1. How to Use the User-Defined Event

In this chapter, the method to develop the BREW applet with the GUI framework of SophiaFramework UNIVERSE is described.

The sample code in this chapter is available at this site.