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Sophia SCALE

* SophiaSCALE is provided free of charge to our customers of SophiaCompress(Java) or SophiaCompress(BREW).

Any data can be compressed. Ring tone melodies will be reduced to a Third !

The size of the ring tone melody market is said to be approximately 100 billion Yen. as this market keeps expanding, the "ring tone melodies" themselves get bigger in size.

Huge packet communications charges associated with these large ringtones fall upon the end-user's shoulders.

SophiaSCALE Specification

About SophiaSCALE

SophiaSCALE is mobile middleware that compresses/decompresses data such as ring tone melodies.

SophiaSCALE is an acronym that stands for Sophia Cradle Small Compressing Algorithm Library for Embedded applications.

Main Features

  1. A maximum reduction of 85% on Packet Communication Charges.
  2. Extremely Lightweight
  3. Compatible with any Mobile Java Specification

Compression Ratio

The average compression ratio of SophiaSCALE is 66%.

SophiaSCALE Documents

SophiaSCALE : Many Successful Case Studies

Since its first release, SophiaSCALE has been adopted by many industry leading game makers, major content providers and so on. Please refer to [About Us] for further information.

Warranty and Responsibility

  1. Sophia Cradle, Inc. allows SophiaSCALE to be used with no warranty and no terms of condition under the original state.
  2. Sophia Cradle, Inc. will not compensate for any damage, trouble or disadvantage caused by using SophiaSCALE.
  3. Sophia Cradle, Inc. does not guarantee SophiaSCALE to operate in all computer system.