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Chapter 5. Development with the SFR GUI Framework [DEPRECATED]

5.1. [IMPORTANT] To Be Discontinued
5.2. SophiaFramework Application
5.2.1. Starting up the Application
5.2.2. Defining the Application Class
5.2.3. Implementing the Constructor
5.2.4. Implementing the Destructor
5.2.5. Implementing the Event Handler
5.2.6. Error Handling
5.3. Window
5.3.1. Defining and Implementing the Window class
5.3.2. Creating the Window
5.3.3. Destroying the Window
5.3.4. Testing on the BREW Simulator
5.4. Control
5.4.1. Creating the Button
5.4.2. Registering the Button Handler
5.4.3. Creating the Checkbox
5.4.4. Obtaining the Status of Checkbox
5.4.5. Creating the Radiobutton
5.4.6. Creating the ComboBox
5.4.7. Registering the Combobox Handler
5.4.8. Invalid and Invisible
5.4.9. Creating the Editbox Control
5.4.10. Obtaining the Text
5.5. Dialog
5.5.1. Create the Dialog
5.5.2. Customizing the Dialog
[Caution] About SFR responder

The SFR responder classes whose names start with "SFR" are not currently supported and will be discontinued in SophiaFramework UNIVERSE 6.0.

In the development of a new GUI applet, it is recommended to use the SFY responder classes whose names start with "SFY" or "SFZ"

Reference: Development with SFY GUI Framework | SFY Responder | SFR Responder