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The Mobile device freezes when I execute the compresed app

Mobile device freezes when compressed application are executed. (KBCB0001)     2004/12/03

Version :
What happens :
When there is low memory on a mobile device, executing a compressed file causes freezing and instability to its application
Cause :
BREW environment or Test Tool's bug
Solution :
Enlarge compressed app size
Detailed information :

When you execute small sized apps(2kb)in the situation where memory capacity is low (4kb), certain Brew devices freeze the compressed apps. Especially when you use tools like "k-brew-test" or "Shaker" for reduction in memory. This is not a bug of "SophiaCompress(BREW)" and it could happen on all small sized apps

The solution to this specific problem is to add dummy data on its code to enlarge the size of ".mod" file. You can prevent the problem when you adjust Application size of around 5k. When you use "Dirct Compress" function on "SophiaCompress(BREW)", it is rare for app size to go under 5k, but if you still have a problem, adjust the compressed ".mod" file. There is higher possibility using "File Division compression" function as "bootloader" becomes as much as 1kb and you'll need to adjust the generated "bootloader" if you still have a problem.

* k-brew-test is a tool offered by KDDI
* and Shaker is a tool offered by Qualcomm.