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Sophia Cradle Launches BREW Profiling Tool "Bleuet de BREW 2.0" to the Global Market

Support for BREW Apps Written in C++, Faster Profiling, GUI Improvements, etc.


KYOTO - December 8, 2006 -- Sophia Cradle Incorporated (Headquarter: Kyoto; CEO: Kazunori Sugiyama), an innovative developer of mobile phone software, today announced the world wide release of a BREW[*1] Profiler[*2] "Bleuet de BREW 2.0". This latest version supports BREW applications written in C++, enables faster application profiling, and comes with a vastly improved GUI.

Full Story

June 26, 2006, Sophia Cradle Incorporated released the world's first BREW profiler Bleuet de BREW (beta edition).

Starting December 8, 2006, Sophia Cradle Incorporated launched the product edition of "Bleuet de BREW 2.0" to the Global Market. This latest version supports BREW applications written in C++, enables faster application profiling, and comes with a vastly improved GUI.

"Bleuet de BREW 2.0" will be provided to users of SophiaFramework[*3] and SophiaCompress(BREW)[*4] free of charge until the end of December 2006.

Important New Features of Bleuet de BREW 2.0

  1. Support for BREW applications written in C++.
  2. Filtering of SophiaFramework functions, leaving only application specific functions.
  3. Profiling output data can be saved as a csv file ( compatible with Microsoft Excel ).
  4. Increased profiling accuracy since log files are now generated using the ILogger interface, and not DBGPRINTF of Bleuet de BREW 1.0.
  5. A 60% reduction in the amount of profiling code injected in the application.
  6. The profiling speed is now 50 to 60% faster.
  7. GUI improvements like resizable windows / controls, the search and display of file names, etc.

Pricing and Availability

The full-featured product is JPY 300,000 per license ( without tax ).

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Graphical User Interface of Bleuet de BREW 2.0

Graphical User Interface of Bleuet de BREW 2.0


[*1] BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless)

The standard of mobile phone software developed by QUALCOMM Incorporated, released in January 2001. BREW applications work fast no matter what the underlying system software in the handset is. A user can download a compiled BREW application from the Internet and use it with any BREW-enabled handset. The worldwide spread of BREW is remarkable and there are currently 69 network operators in 31 countries (as of December 2006) that provide BREW services, including Japan's KDDI that started offering it in February 2003.

[*2] Profiler

A profiler monitors the order in which the functions were executed, and can measure the time or memory required to execute these functions. It's ultimate purpose is to find the bottlenecks in the program which deteriorate speed or leads to memory leaks. Bleuet is the first BREW profiler in the world.

[*3] SophiaFramework

An object-oriented development environment for BREW applications released by Sophia Cradle Incorporated in August 2002. It includes various program modules called classes that are needed to develop any kind of BREW applications, such as user interface, communication, graphic drawing and string processing. The technology of SophiaFramework is now being used in many commercial BREW applications and official KDDI applications that are top-sellers in Japan.

More about SophiaFramework: /english/products/sophiaframework/

[*4] SophiaCompress(BREW)

SophiaCompress(BREW) is the only compression tool in the world for BREW applications, it is developed by Sophia Cradle Incorporated. With SophiaCompress(BREW), compiled BREW programs in mod format can be compressed and executed. Many leading game makers, content providers and other organizations have adopted this technology with great results.

More about SophiaCompress(BREW):/english/products/sophiacompress_brew/index.html

About Sophia Cradle

Sophia Cradle Incorporated is a mobile phone software developer which currently specializes in BREW C++, GUI middle ware and mobile Java. Founded in 2002, Sophia Cradle aims to render services to the improvement of everyone's quality of life by creating innovative mobile Internet technology. For more information about Sophia Cradle, please visit www.s-cradle.com/english/.

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