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SophiaCompress(BREW) EARTH Pricing

One license allows SophiaCompress(BREW) EARTH to be set up on a single computer. There are no limitations on the number of applications that may be distributed after being compressed by SophiaCompress(BREW) EARTH.

Edition Total
(tax included)
Subtotal Item
(1 license)
394,800 JPY 376,000 JPY SophiaCompress(BREW) EARTH Standard 300,000 JPY
Maintenance 75,000 JPY
Shipping and Handling 1,000 JPY
(3 licenses)
657,300 JPY 626,000 JPY SophiaCompress(BREW) EARTH Deluxe 500,000 JPY
Maintenance 125,000 JPY
Shipping and Handling 1,000 JPY
(10 licenses)
1,313,550 JPY 1,251,000 JPY SophiaCompress(BREW) EARTH Enterprise 1,000,000 JPY
Maintenance 250,000 JPY
Shipping and Handling 1,000 JPY

* You have to contract the maintenance agreement if you need this product in the second or higher year.

* Save 50% on Maintenance (first year only) with SophiaCompress(Java) OASIS purchase.

* Upgrade to an upper edition within six months by paying only the difference from the original purchase.