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BREW Tools

BREW tools by Sophia Cradle are very valuable for BREW developers. The users of SophiaCompress(BREW) EARTH or SophiaFramework UNIVERSE are provided with these tools for free.

BREW SDK Switcher

BREW SDK Switcher screenshot
BREW SDK Switcher switches between multiple versions of BREW SDK instantly at the click of a button.


svHacker screen shot
svHacker (static variable Hacker) enables you to use both global and static variables in BREW programming.


Camulator screen shot
Camulator adds a camera emulation function to the BREW SDK emulator.

Warranty and Responsibility

  1. Sophia Cradle allows BREW Tools to be used with no warranty and no terms of condition under the original state.
  2. Sophia Cradle will not compensate fo any damage, trouble or disadvantage caused by using BREW Tools.
  3. Sophia Cradle does not guarantee BREW Tools to operate in all computer system.