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- Static and Global Variables can be used in BREW applications-

* sv Hacker is provided to our customers who bought SophiaCompress(BREW) EARTH or SophiaFramework UNIVERSE, for free.

svHacker functions

In BREW programming, global variables and static variables can not be used.

svHacker manipulates the compiled mod file to make these variables available.

Porting programs or libraries with global variables will be less complicated by using svHacker.

How to use svHacker

In order to change the compile option, run svHacker to rewrite the make file before compiling. This process will be done only once after making the make file.

Then compile again, use svHacker to rewrite mod file with global and static variables.

[svHacker Screenshot]

svHacker Screen Shot

System Requirements

Windows Environment Windows XP Professional / Windows 2000 Professional (SP4 or above)
BREW Environment BREW SDK 4.0.X / 3.1.X / 2.1.X


Sophia Cradle does not offer any technical support for svHacker.

Sophia Cradle will not compensate for any damage, trouble or disadvantage caused by using svHacker.