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Simple BREW Camera Application - 5 / 6 -

Utilize Camera Class

SimpleCamera Class

The following is the code of an application using the Camera class.

Header File of SimpleCamera Class

- SimpleCamera.hpp -


#include <SophiaFramework.hpp>
#include "SimpleCamera.bid"
#include "Camera.hpp"

class SimpleCamera : public SFCApplication {
  static SFCInvokerPtr Factory(Void);
  Camera _camera;
  AppStatus _status;
  SInt16 _brightnessMin;  // min of brightness
  SInt16 _brightnessMax;  // max of brightness
  SInt16 _brightness;     // current brightness
  SInt16 _zoomMin;        // min of zoom value
  SInt16 _zoomMax;        // max of zoom value
  SInt16 _zoom;           // current zoom value

  virtual ~SimpleCamera(Void);
  virtual Bool Invoke(SFXEventConstRef event);
  Void OnAppStart(AEEAppStartPtr environment);
  Void OnAppStop(BoolPtr quitable);
  Bool OnKey(UInt16 key);
  // Callback function for camera events
  static Void CameraCallback(Camera::StatusEnum status,
                                   SFCError error, VoidPtr reference);
  // Handler for camera events
  Void OnSimpleCamera(Camera::StatusEnum status, SFCError error);
  // For displaying error messages
  Void PrintError(SFXWideStringConstRef msg);
  // Start to preview 
  Void PreviewCamera(Void);
  // Process and display photo image taken in snapshot mode
  Void DisplayImage(Void);
  // Change brightness
  Void ChangeBrightness(Bool isBrighter);
  // Change zoom value
  Void ChangeZoom(Bool isZoomIn);

#endif // __SIMPLECAMERA_HPP //

Event Handler

Register Event Handler

// Handler on staring application 
Void SimpleCamera::OnAppStart(AEEAppStartPtr environment)
  // here is the code when this application starts

  // Initialization of camera
  if (_camera.Initialize(
                     CameraCallback, this) != SFERR_NO_ERROR) {
    PrintError(SFXWideString("Failed to Initialize Camera"));

Event Handler

Void SimpleCamera::CameraCallback(Camera::StatusEnum status,
                                    SFCError error, VoidPtr reference)
  SimpleCameraPtr p = reinterpret_cast<SimpleCameraPtr>(reference);
  p->OnSimpleCamera(status, error);

Void SimpleCamera::OnSimpleCamera(Camera::StatusEnum status, SFCError error)
  if (error != SFERR_NO_ERROR) {
    // Error occurred
    _status = STATUS_NONE;
    PrintError(SFXWideString("problem occurred in camera"));

  if (status == Camera::STATUS_ENCODE) {
    // Ready to get bitmap
    _status = STATUS_SNAP;

* As event handlers must be static functions, calling the funtion is done through two steps.

The Camera class will call the registered callback function after handling its events.

Camera::STATUS_ENCODE is the appropriate status to get a photo image taken in the Snapshot Mode.

The SimpleCamera class will do nothing in the Preview Mode, but will call DisplayImage() when a picture is taken in the Snapshot Mode.

Get Photo Image

Photo images can be retrieved by calling the GetBitmap() member function of the Camera class.

// display photo image taken in the snapshot mode
Void SimpleCamera::DisplayImage(Void)
  // make photo image like a developed film
  SFXGraphicsPtr pg(SFXGraphics::GetInstance());
  SFBBitmapSmp displayBmp(pg->GetDestination());
                      _camera.GetBitmap(), SFXGrid(0, 0), AEE_RO_NOT);

In this example, the photo images are produced as developed film and displayed. This can be done by setting AEE_RO_NOT for raster operation when getting a bitmap of the screen and copying a bitmap taken by the camera.

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