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Simple BREW Camera Application - 2 / 6 -

Function of SimpleCamera

SimpleCamera is a BREW application that converts photo images taken by a mobile handset's integrated camera, into developed film and displays them on the handset's screen.

There are two modes in this application: Preview Mode and Snapshot Mode.

Preview Mode is a mode for previewing. This mode is to be operated as follows.

Key Explanation
SELECT Photo ( change into Snapshot Mode )
LEFT make image darker
RIGHT make image brighter
UP zoom in
DOWN zoom out

Snapshot Mode is the mode in which pictures may be taken. Once you've entered this mode, a converted image of developed film will be displayed. At this point, you can change the mode to Preview Mode by pressing any key.

When the POWER or END key are pressed, this application will end.


Create a project named SimpleCamera, Choose "No" when the SophiaFramework AppWizard offers the choice to use the GUI Framework, and set the following event handlers using the AppWizard.

Keep the other items at the default setting.

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