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Amazon E-Commerce Application using REST and SOAP APIs for BREW


This application provides the fundamentals of writing applications that integrate Amazon E-Commerce Service (ECS) using SophiaFramework UNIVERSE.

* SophiaFramework UNIVERSE is necessary to compile and run this application.

* About the SOAP / XML functions of SophiaFramework UNIVERSE, refer to SophiaFramework UNIVERSE XML Middleware.


Theme: Amazon E-Commerce Service by SophiaFramework UNIVERSE

Time Required: 90 min.

* Remember to supply your AMAZON ID. In the pself3_res.h file, write the following #define AMAZON_ID "YOUR_AMAZON_ID"

* When testing this application with the BREW Simulator, make sure to uncheck the "Heap Validation" check box in the Tools\Settings screen.

* When testing on the real device, make sure to copy pself3.bar file and browsenodes.xml file into the same folder of pself3.mod file.

* The character encoding (of XML documents) used in this application is UTF-8. To display Japanese characters, it is necessary to convert UTF-8 characters into Shift_JIS.


Goal: Learning to take advantage of the following classes.

Table of contents:

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