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Sophia Cradle Releases English Edition of BREW Tools such as BREW SDK Switcher

Useful tools for developing BREW application, now available in English.


KYOTO — May 10, 2006 — Sophia Cradle Incorporated (Headquarter: Kyoto; CEO: Kazunori Sugiyama), an innovative developer of mobile phone software, today announced to release English edition of BREW Tools.

Sophia Cradle's BREW Tools are the following;

"BREW SDK Switcher": Switch multiple versions of BREW SDK automatically by just clicking the button.

"svHacker": Enables programmers to use global variables and static variables in BREW.

"Camulator": Adds camera function to BREW 2.1 emulator.

Also, BREW Profiler "MIHAI3" [*1] is planned to be released in June.

At the moment, BREW Tools are available for customers who bought SophiaCompress(BREW)[*2] or SophiaFramework[*3].

Full Story

May 10, 2006, Sophia Cradle Incorporated has released English edition of BREW Tools.

BREW Tools has won a widespread reputation amongst the BREW programmers in Japan. Due to the needs from its customers abroad, Sophia Cradle Incorporated has decided to release it in English.

BREW Tools introduction:

BREW SDK Switcher

When there are multiple versions of BREW SDK in one PC, environment path for SDK, and extensions such as .mif, .bri, .qsc will be associated with newly installed version of SDK.

In order to use older version of SDK, programmers have to rewrite the complicated settings.

By using BREW SDK Switcher, programmers can solve the problems of switching BREW SDK Versions by clicking a button only once.

BREW SDK Switcher boot up


In BREW programming, global variable and static variable can not be used.

svHacker manipulates the compiled mod file to make these variables available.

Porting programs or libraries with global variables will be less complicated by using svHacker

svHacker Screen Shot


BREW Version 2.1 is equipped with camera interface, making it possible for BREW developers to develop application which use camera functions.

However, BREW Emulator Version 2.1 does not have camera emulation function, so programmers who develop application which use camera interface have to do debugging on the actual mobile phone. Since the Debugger is not available, applications with camera functions take more time to develop.

Camulator solves this problem.

Camulator adds camera functions for BREW Emulator Version 2.1, and helps programmers to develop applications which use camera functions.

Camulator Screen shot



[*1] MIHAI3

MIHAI3 is one of the BREW Tools developed by Sophia Cradle Incorporated.

It helps BREW developers optimize BREW applications by automatically measuring execution speed and used memory for a specified module that is written in C or C++ language, and by showing the results in a graphical user interface.

It is planned to be released in June this year.

MIHAI3 Press Release:

[*2] SophiaCompress(BREW)

SophiaCompress(BREW) the only compression utility for BREW applications in the world.

SophiaCompress(BREW) helps developers create smaller applications with better functionality and is used by many leading game makers, content providers, system integrators, etc.

English version of SophiaCompress(BREW) is available.

SophiaCompress(BREW) Overview:

SophiaCompress(BREW) Free Trial:

[*3] SophiaFramework

SophiaFramework is an application framework and a class library in C++, which helps you develop reliable BREW applications with stunning look and feel. Cost and time-to-market can be saved to one third of those needed to develop an application from a scratch.

The architecture of SophiaFramework is divided into three layers: GUI Libraries, Utility Libraries and C++ Wrapper Libraries.

The Utility Libraries include Network such as POP/SMTP and HTTP/HTTPS, Collection, String, Buffer, Shape, Color and Mathematics.

SophiaFramework is available only in Japanese.

SophiaFramework Overview:

Sophia Cradle Incorporated is a mobile phone software developer which currently specializes in BREW C++, GUI middleware and mobile Java. Founded in 2002, Sophia Cradle aims to render services to the improvement of everyone's quality of life by creating innovative mobile Internet technology. For more information about Sophia Cradle, please visit www.s-cradle.com/english/.

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